Mae-be Tomorrow

Depression is…


Black DogDepression, to me, is feeling suffocated, like I’m constantly wrapped in a duvet. It’s feeling like I’m wearing a motorcycle helmet at all times, always one inch of padding between me and anything happening. It’s the bad things concentrated and the good things diluted. It’s knowing I can get help but not being able to grab hold of it, as though I’m wearing boxing gloves all the time. It’s hearing things but not listening, seeing things but not noticing. It’s snapping for no reason at everyone I love. It’s lying awake at night, not remembering falling asleep, feeling like I didn’t when I wake. It’s headaches, earaches, stomach aches. It’s being hungry but not being able to eat. It’s not being able to drink enough to quench my thirst. It’s making plans and regretting it immediately. It’s sitting still for hours. It’s re-watching TV shows I watched last time I…

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